Wahoo was rebranded TTExchange on June 01 2023.


Head over to TTExchange (https://ttexchange.io). T&T's first ever crypto exchange. The safe and easy way to get crypto into your Binance account to start trading. Wanna earn some extra cash? Sign up for our referral program and earn ah lil fine change everytime a purchase is made using your link!

So Many Problems

There are sooo many hindrances when purchasing crypto within Trinidad and Tobago:

  1. Your bank is blocking your crypto purchases from your credit card.
  2. It is super unsafe to purchase from an individual in person.
  3. You can't trust someone to send cash to via online banking.
  4. Exchange rates over 8.5TTD to 1USD when purchasing from someone in Trinidad.

Introducing TTExchange

TTExchange is T&T's first ever cryptocurrency exchange. Now you can purchase crypto from a trusted local site. It's quick. It's convenient. It's safe. There is even a referral program, so you can earn cash by sharing a link with your friends.

At Quantum Chaos our engineering team saw the need for a local exchange in Trinidad and Tobago and built something we can call our own.

How It Works

You can purchase BUSD (A stable coin) on TTExchange and send it directly to your Binance account. Simply select the amount you want, enter your BUSD wallet address and memo.  Then pay with a WiPay voucher. In seconds you will receive your transaction confirmation and your BUSD will be in your account ready to trade.

TTExchange is Your platform, we are building it to be 100% T&T. Need a new way to pay? Something isn't working how you would like? Just wanna say how awesome TTExchange is?  Email us: social@quantum-chaos.com.